Lovely Ledgers Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping Makeover...  Wouldn't it be Lovely?

The Consultation:

What would you change about your current bookkeeping procedures? What causes you the most frustration and stress?  Are your books balanced and up to date?  How much time do you spend dealing with bookkeeping issues? If that time were freed up for you, on what would you spend it?  

Let’s talk.


The Proposal:

Based on our conversation, if it seems that you could benefit from my service, then I would request read only access to your current bookkeeping application or latest financial statements. Based on our conversation and your records, I’ll give you a proposal detailing what services I can recommend for your unique needs and goals.


The Contract:

If you accept the proposal a final contract is prepared and signed by both of us. Please know that you are not locked into a year-long contract.  This is a 30 day contract and can be canceled at any time by either party with 30 days written notice. Services being provided and date of implementation will be clearly outlined.


Set Up:

This is the fun part!! Your current bookkeeping will be set-up in a cloud-based accounting program (QuickBooks Online or Xero). You will be amazed at how seamless the transition will be.



Throughout the month, I will be retrieving your necessary documents through the accounting platform and Hubdoc, accurately classifying your transactions into the appropriate accounts and reconciling your accounts.  Every month I will provide you with your detailed, customized financial statements.


Wouldn't it be Lovely?